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Westform Metals Products

Diamond Rib

Diamond Rib is a multipurpose profile for walls or roofs. With ¾” high trapezoid rib design and 6” rib spacing, Diamond Rib is a strong, attractive profile that fits in any application.

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Duraclad is well suited for wall or roof applications. This panel offers strength and an anti-syphon sidelap design for both economy and peace of mind. Available in a wide range of gauges and finishes, Duraclad is our most popular panel.

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Allclad is similar in design to Duraclad, but with an added rib on top of the major ribs, gives Allclad a board and batten appearance and maximum spanning strength for both wall and roof applications.

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Weathershield 1

Weathershield 1 is a lightweight steel cladding profile suitable for a variety of agricultural applications. It features a low profile, solid lapping rib design that is most suited to cladding arch rib and Quonset style buildings.

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Weathershield 2

Weathershield 2 is a low profile panel well suited for walls or roof applications. The double rib side lap makes for a snug fit that is very weather proof.

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WF-928 is a bold, high rib panel used as a roofing and wall panel in commercial applications. WF-928 is one of our strongest light gauge cladding capable of handling the jobs normally reserved for much heavier gauge specifications.

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Westman Steel Products

Tough Rib

WESTMAN's strongest and most popular light gauge 36" coverage panel. It offers the most versatile application that can be used for both roofs and walls.

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936 Cladding

WESTMAN's 936 panel is similar to the Tough Rib panel without the shoulder ribs, giving the 936 a much flatter appearance. It does provide the same versatility which can be used for roofs or walls.

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Rainbow Rib

The Rainbow Rib panel is our most economical panel with 37" coverage. This product is an excellent choice for Quonset application and is also ideal for any agricultural application in either a roof or wall sheets.

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WESTMAN Steel's new Snap-Lok Roofing Panel is now a stronger and more durable panel to withstand the Canadian weather that wreaks havoc on most roofs. This panel is available in both 26 and 24 gauge and is custom produced at the factory.

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Diamond Rib

Delivering the ultimate in strength and coverage, DIAMOND RIB offers a distinctive 1" fluted rib design. This profile is an exposed fastening steel panel that's ideal for both roof and cladding applications. This product achieves complete roofing weather tightness with DR36 providing a full 36" coverage or DR30 providing the more traditional 30" Coverage.

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