Best Time to Reroof a House

August 22nd, 2022

Best Time to Reroof a House

The reality of the roofing industry is such that no matter the time of year you can get a roof replacement if you really need it.  That being said, a reroofing is a major project that is best scheduled for a convenient time rather than left for an emergency.  Why?  Simply put, if you try to schedule a roofing project (reroofing or repairs) during a roofer’s busiest season, you are likely to pay a premium for the work.  On the other hand, if you take care to maintain your roof and schedule regular inspections, you will be in a better position to schedule a roof replacement during your roofer’s off season.  This usually means the labour costs are lower.  So, when is the best time to reroof a house?

Roofing Season

Ok, we’ve already established there is not a single season for roofing work, but there are times of the year when roofers tend to be quite busy.  While roofing contractors work year-round, their busiest time tends to land between the end of summer and beginning of winter when the weather is warm and dry and homeowners are preparing for winter weather.  Roofers actually prefer to work during these months too; fall weather is cooler and more predictable, and usually the rainy season hasn’t kicked in yet.  So, to make a long story short, late summer and fall months might be considered “roofing season” and a time when emergency roof replacement will be difficult to schedule and roofing contractors tend to charge more.

Winter Replacement

Many homeowners probably would never consider reroofing a house during the winter months, but there are some advantages to scheduling work at this time.  If late summer and fall are the roofing season, you can consider winter the roofing offseason.  During the winter months, you’ll find there is much more flexibility around when you can schedule work and costs can be lower.  There are certainly some challenges to roofing in the winter namely due to unpredictable weather.

Summer Replacement

Reroofing in the summer is advisable because of weather considerations, but unadvisable because of cost.  In fact, summer tends to be almost as busy as the “roofing season” we’ve already discussed, and because of higher temperatures shingle installation is more challenging too.  Nevertheless, in a pinch anything is possible and reroofing in the summer can also be easier because of more consistent weather.

The Best Time to Reroof

I’m sure you’re scratching your head right now and asking, “So, when is the best time to reroof?”  Ultimately, the best time for roof replacement is when you’ve carefully planned the project and scheduled it with a trusted roofing contractor.  This means you’ve already taken the preventative approach and scheduled regular inspections and maintenance for your roof and you and your contractor have decided that planning a roof replacement is in your best interests.