Qualities of a Commercial Roofing Company

October 22nd, 2023


Finding and hiring a commercial roofing company can be a painstaking endeavor, but one that must be completed with care and attention.  Commercial and industrial roofs are complicated and integral components of any industrial or commercial building, so working with a reputable roofer is critical to ensuring your business operates effectively.  Leaking roofs can lead to damage to equipment, products, and could even compromise the health and safety of your employees.  An excellent commercial roofer is one with industry experience and the reputation to match.  So, what should you look for in a commercial roofing company?

Industry Experience

Always work with a roofer with verifiable experience in commercial roofing.  There are usually many commercial roofers working in any geographic region, but it’s important to choose one not only with commercial roofing experience, but with experience working on the type of roof you have on your building.  Review previous projects the roofer has completed and ask for references.  In fact, it is often a good idea to speak to your business contacts for referrals for commercial roofing contractors – nothing speaks more to the quality of work and the experience of a professional than recommendations from other professionals who take business seriously.

Registration with a Professional associations

While in Canada there are no specific licenses or registrations required for roofing contractors, there are roofing associations that represent contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers that provide quality roofing services.  Choosing a commercial roofer that is a member of one of these associations can provide you with peace of mind that they will repair or replace your roof effectively by adhering to quality practices and ethical standards.  Of course, there is also a permit process in most municipalities that ensure roofers are meeting building standards, but the extra assurance of membership in a roofing association adds credence to your roofer’s reputation.

Appropriate Insurance

Never work with a commercial roofer that cannot provide proof of adequate insurance.  You should hire a contractor that has adequate liability insurance just in case anything goes wrong in the process of your repair or replacement that results in damage to your building or property.  You also want to be sure that roofing employees are properly insured so that you are excluded from potential legal problems related to workers being injured on your property.

A Warranty

 Finally, choose a commercial roofer that provides you with a warranty for their workmanship, but take note – roofing materials and roofing installation are often covered under separate warranties.  In your early discussions with potential roofers, make sure to ask about what kinds of warranties are offered on materials and installation and choose a roofer that answers your questions up front.