Commercial Roof Maintenance

June 21st, 2015

Commercial Roof Maintenance

As a building owner or facility manager, you are probably already aware of the costs associated with commercial roofing.  A proactive and comprehensive commercial roofing maintenance program can help you keep your costs down.  In fact, conservative estimates put reactive roofing costs at 25 cents per square foot compared to 15 cents per square foot for proactive maintenance.  What’s the difference between reactive and proactive maintenance?  It’s simple, reactive costs are those incurred when owners and managers maintain or repair only when problems arise whereas proactive costs are those associated with regular maintenance, even when there are no obvious problems.  In addition, those building owners who inspect and regularly repair their roofs tend to extend the average lifespan of their roofs for several years.  So how can you get proactive about your commercial roof maintenance?

Regular Inspections

The first and most important aspect of a proactive commercial roofing maintenance program is regular roofing inspections.  Any roof will undergo serious wear and tear over the years – weather can damage roofing materials, and repairs or replacement will be required eventually.  By regularly inspecting your roof, you can identify small problems before they become major problems thereby preventing more significant damage to underlying structures. 

Modern Technology

Research shows that roofing contractors that utilize the most advanced roofing technology not only have lower costs and higher productivity, but also tend to be more efficient as well.  Technology not only helps roofers outline the current condition of your roof (through tools such as infrared scanning and membrane testing), but can also help owners track repairs and maintenance over time.  By using technology available to the building owner or facility manager, you can keep an accurate record of past work done and outcomes so that you and your roofer can make the best decisions for future roofing repairs.

Experienced Roofers

Ultimately, you want to work with the best commercial roofers in your region.  Choose roofers with a long-standing relationship with your community (i.e. those that have a physical address and many years providing roofing services in the same city).  These established roots help to ensure that your roofer will be responsible for their work but also available for repairs when you need them. 

Moreover, it’s a little known fact that nearly half of roofing problems are the result of human error – making it even more important to work with an experienced professional.  You should also ensure that your roofer has experience with the type of roof on your commercial building and the materials that roof utilizes. 

Remember, caring for your roof is about maintaining its condition throughout the years rather than just reacting to problems as they arise.  By properly protecting your roof through regular inspections and by working with qualified professionals that use the most up-to-date technologies, you’ll find your roofing costs are much lower over the long term.