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Nothing else in your home can be considered more conducive to your peace of mind than your roof.

Roof Repair Providers in VancouverFor this reason alone, proper maintenance and timely repairs are essential: everything in your home may depend on the ability of your roof to withstand the elements. Which you would think—particularly here in Metro Vancouver, with its annual rainfall of over 40 inches—generally means rain. Yet rain is only one of a number of potential hazards. High winds can destabilize objects around your home and on your roof itself; tree branches or the trees themselves may fall, shingles and tiles become dislodged.

Insects such as termites can also move in, especially where rain-related mould and rot has built up. Even larger animals, such as raccoons and squirrels, can damage your roof while looking for access to shelter. All of which require an expert to first conduct a damage assessment and then, if necessary and where appropriate, make the required emergency repairs.

And that’s not all: a roof has other enemies too. Age is an obvious one: exposure another. Together, in fact, these two factors alone can be devastating, especially where south-facing slopes in particular become dried and cracked. Old asphalt shingles can curl and buckle, exposing the nails and leaving whole areas vulnerable to leaks, which at best might require temporary repairs, if not the wholesale replacement of the roof.

Another surprisingly common issue is the lack of professionalism demonstrated in the original installation. Corners are often cut in order to finish the job faster; by using, for example, less roofing nails than are required.

All of which calls for professionals who know roof repair intimately, who can advise the homeowner on new, durable materials such as laminated fiberglass, rubber or metal, as well as on guttering and drainage, and even ways to prevent situations like moss buildup.

We are those professionals, and we hope that you will use our expertise for your own peace of mind.


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